Tucson Motorcycle Accidents: Prevention = Safety and Awareness

By on November 7, 2012

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the feeling of being on their bikes, but sometimes that feeling comes at a high price. This year, in Tucson alone, there have been ten motorcycle accident fatalities - and the number of Tucson-area motorcycle accidents has been on the rise for several years.

A recent accident in Tucson illustrates the dangers of riding motorcycles along the state's roads: a 32-year-old cyclist was killed when his motorcycle hit the side of a truck. The truck driver was arrested for failing to yield when making a left turn at the intersection of Golf Links and Pantano.

According to the Pima County traffic investigations unit, the motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet when the Tucson motorcycle accident occurred. He died of his injuries at a trauma center about 30 minutes after the crash.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for a Safe, Enjoyable Arizona Ride

Safety is important for everyone on the road, but for bikers, staying safe can be significantly more difficult because of the size and weight of the other vehicles with which they are sharing the roads. As a result, 80 percent of motorcyclists involved in accidents will sustain injuries - often fatal - while only 20 percent of automobile drivers are injured when they are involved in an accident.

The following tips can help keep bikers safe on the road:

  • Always wear protective gear. Motorcyclists should always be sure to wear helmets, goggles and gloves when riding to prevent serious injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. In addition, wearing jackets with long sleeves and pants that are not loose enough to get tangled in the bike's chain and kick starter also help keep bikers safe.
  • Use defensive driving techniques. Bikers should always be aware of their surroundings on the road and use defensive driving techniques, such as checking their rearview mirrors when changing lanes, watching for vehicles that are making turns and being aware of nearby road hazards
  • Brakes. Motorcyclists should be sure to use their brakes properly, by firmly putting pressure on both brakes together, when stopping. If the road is wet, bikers should reduce the amount of pressure that they put on their brakes to avoid skidding

While there are specific steps that riders can take to protect themselves from serious injury in an Arizona motorcycle accident, everyone on the road must take responsibility for creating safe roadways and highways. Injuries that occur during a Tucson motor vehicle accident can lead to medical, recovery and job loss expenses. Tucson motor vehicle accident attorneys assist injured victims and their families obtain insurance funds to cover crash-related expenses.