Tucson Business Merger & Acquisition Lawyers

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Arizona M & A Attorneys

At Bossé Rollman PC, we represent buyers, sellers and investors in a variety of purchase and sales transactions, mergers, rollups, reorganizations, acquisitions and disposition of partnership and venture interests. In addition to assisting with due diligence and risk analysis, we negotiate and draft key acquisition and financing agreements.

Examples of Our M & A Services

We represent clients by assisting or performing preliminary negotiations and discussions; negotiating and drafting letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, consulting agreements, purchase contracts and other transactional documents; providing opinion letters; undertaking due diligence; managing the closing; and assisting with post-closing transition.

Our attorneys help clients with their financing options, whether they are buying or selling a business. Our finance law group determines the options that are best for a client's company and represents clients at every phase of the transaction, including negotiating the terms of the loan, drafting the loan documents and attending the closing.

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